3rd Party Applications

All customers have needs from time to time that we cannot necessarily address from within our basket of services within our companies. This is where we need assistance or products and services from a trusted and validated source of OEM’s, third-party products or our fellow MultiTel resellers.

Please browse the information contained in this section to find products and services that can
assist you further

3rd Party Application

Our system is ideal to enhance security checks at any site to ensure visitors are clearly identified and tracked.

ID/Licence Disc Scanning
Fast scanning of ID and License disc to ensure accurate identification

Real-Time Reporting
The ability to view in real-time, how many visitors have entered the building

Create Scheduled Visitors
Very useful for meetings and events to ensure quick entry for your scheduled visitors

Track Time
Track the amount of time a visitor has spent in the facility

BlackList Visitors
Ban unruly or unwanted visitors, by creating your own list of unwanted visitors

Get notifications when your visitor is checked in