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Conference 2020 Information

Multitel Hands-on Technical and Product Training 

(Please review the updated agenda)

Thank you for registering for the Multitel/SOTI Conference 2020

We are looking forward to hosting you and your staff for this first conference.

Please bring a mobile device/tablet or laptop with you to the conference to use for enrollment and testing.

Conference Cost per delegate is sponsored by Multitel and SOTI.

Venue address:

Sherewood Lodge

100 Cole street
Shere AH

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Conference Programme

Workshop Day One (Monday 24th February 2020)

08h00 – 09H00 : Delegate registration and enrolment

09H00 – 09H30 : Welcome and introduction

09H30 – 10H15 : Global SOTI Overview

10H15 – 10H30 : Tea on terrace / garden

10H30 – 12H30 : SOTI One Overview

  • MobiControl (Overview only in context deep dive day 2)
  • Assist (Overview – Demo)
  • Connect (Overview- Demo)
  • Insight (Overview- Demo)

12H30 – 13H15 : Lunch in pagoda

13H15 – 15H00 : SNAP build your own app session

All delegates build mobile application during training

15H00 – 15H15 :  Tea on terrace / garden

15H15 – 15H45 : Reseller Introduction Business overview (2 min each)

15H45 – 16H30 : Guest Speaker: IOT & APN Presentation

Workshop Day Two (Tuesday 25th February 2020)

09H00 – 09H30 : Recap Day 1 / answer questions submitted on SNAP App.

Delegates to capture questions onto the Workshop SNAP app, during the previous day sessions – Answers session to those questions in this session.

09H30 – 10H30 : Introduction to the Reseller Portal

Reseller portal registration

Train resellers on the new Multitel Reseller portal for sales and technical and product assistance

10H30 – 10H45 : Tea on terrace / garden

10H45 – 12H30 : Reseller Channel

Resellers divided into 6 channel groups, brainstorm SOTI One Opportunities & feedback to groups

  1. Medical / Hospital / livestock / Vets
  2. Hospitality and entertainment – restaurants, travel
  3. Financial – Insurance, banks
  4. Retail – Shops, merchandising,

12H30 – 13H15 : Lunch in pagoda

13H15 – 16H00 : MobiControl Session Sales and presales session

  • Set up demo environment by reseller
  • Rule setting and Profile management
  • Move delegate devices from one profile to another, live demo (already enrolled at registration)
  • Device Enrolment

Tea at relevant time during session

Device Management

–    Show delegate device stats

–    Messages

–    Location settings / history

Dashboard Management

Conducting a customer demo

16H00 – 16H30 : Guest Speaker: Crosscall presentation

17H00 : Till Late

Cocktail evening at venue

  • Relax and network
  • View OEM exhibits
  • Cash Bar available

Workshop Day Three (Wednesday 26th February 2020)

09H00 – 09H30 : Recap Day 2 / answer questions submitted on SNAP App.

Delegates to capture questions onto the Workshop SNAP app, during the previous day’s sessions – Answers session to those questions in this session

09H30 – 10H30 : Reseller Sales objectives and management

Objective setting

This is an interactive session to discuss and agree on Sales management and sales progress reporting.

Bi Weekly sales meetings


NFR Platform

Proof of Concept procedures and protocol.

10H30 – 10H45 : Tea

10H45 – 12H30 : Technical training and SOTI NFR demo system registration

In this session the technical delegates will be taken through the technical training program and given access to the tech training for certification.

Registration for the SOTI NFR demo system

12H30 – 13H45 : Lunch

13H45 – 15H30 : Closing session / summary / questions & Giveaways