SOTI Enterprise Support

Proven support when your customers need it

Business mobility is critical to the success of your customer’s business. Most days devices and apps work smoothly, but sometimes things go wrong. There is no time for downtime and a fix is needed as soon as possible. SOTI Enterprise Support delivers round-the-clock support, priority access to dedicated and knowledgeable support staff, as well as, other exclusive benefits. It helps reduce the incidence and duration of business mobility downtime so your customers can
focus on their business.

NOTE: SOTI Enterprise Support is offered to customers with deployments of more than 500 licenses. If you are a customer with the need for less than 500 licenses, please view our SOTI Premium Support page

Benefits of SOTI Enterprise Support

Round-the-clock Support
Business mobility problems can happen at any time, day or night. Your customers want access to fast, reliable support when their business needs it. SOTI Enterprise Support provides technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.

Advanced Support Team
Downtime is costly. Business mobility issues need to be fixed quickly. SOTI Enterprise Support bypasses the level 1 support queue and routes calls directly to an Advanced Support Team of highly experienced engineers assigned to your customer’s account. The Advanced Support Team knows their SOTI software implementation and support history, ensuring any disruptions to business mobility are resolved quickly and correctly.

Technical Account Manager
SOTI Enterprise Support customers are each assigned a Technical Account Manager (TAM), an experienced business mobility expert that understands their unique mobility environment. The TAM is an internal advocate at SOTI, and helps deliver and coordinate SOTI Enterprise Support. They monitor support cases, escalate cases on your customer’s behalf, and advise them of any relevant SOTI software releases and issues. With direct access to the SOTI product teams, the TAM ensures critical issues are prioritized for resolution, while promoting any requested product enhancements.