SOTI Premium Support

Business Mobility is Critical to the Success of your Organization

The support requirements associated with business-critical mobility solutions introduce challenges and complexities. These complexities range from device selection and provisioning to application and security management. Selecting the right support solution partner is critical as they can reduce the cost and complexity of managing and securing mobile deployments while delivering the level of service required for business-critical deployments.

One of the clear challenges for many organizations – beyond technical or funding concerns – is the lack of internal resources to fully support their organization’s mobility initiatives. That is why SOTI Premium Support delivers round-the-clock support, access to dedicated and knowledgeable support staff as well as other exclusive benefits. It helps reduce the incidence and duration of business mobility downtime so you can focus on your business.

NOTE: Premium Support is offered to customers with deployments of less than 500 licenses. If you are an enterprise customer with the need for more than 500 licenses, please view our enterprise support page.

Round-the-Clock Support

Business mobility problems can happen at any time, day or night. You want access to fast, reliable support when Interruptions occur. SOTI Premium Support provides technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world. We have Best in-class response times for interruptions of different severity

SOTI Customer Portal

To save time and communicate the way you want. SOTI Premium Support customers gain full access to the SOTI Customer Portal where customers can manage their users, contact information, case reports and entitlements. With the ability to create, edit or update to all customer cases, SOTI Customer Portal members can post questions and get replies from the SOTI technical support team without the need to pick up a phone.

Test Environments

Understanding how new features will respond within your organization’s specific requirements before they go live, can save a lot of time and cost. SOTI provides SOTI Premium Support customers with a free cloud-based SOTI MobiControl test environment with have full access to test new features and troubleshoot any issues before implementing them in a production environment. The SOTI Technical Support team will also assist in replicating production database in test servers so customers can test software upgrades thoroughly and stay up to date all the latest release from SOTI.