Build Mobile Apps Faster and Easier

SOTI Snap is a cross-platform, rapid app development solution for business. It lets organizations build the mobile apps they need faster, cheaper and on time. You don’t need coders — with SOTI Snap almost anyone can build an app by dragging and dropping only the components they need. This enables businesses to design, develop and deploy apps in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. SOTI Snap takes the cost, complexity and coding out of mobile app development for your business.

Build the apps you need faster. SOTI Snap is an innovative rapid app development solution that lets anyone build a mobile app.

  • Simultaneously create apps for both Apple® iOS, and Google Android™ devices
  • Building apps is as easy as dragging and dropping application pieces onto a device-shape canvas
  • No coders required

Automate your critical line of business workflows. SOTI Snap makes it easy to automate and support small, but critical workflows. No need to rely on post-it notes or emails anymore.

  • Create electronic forms to capture data in minutes, and quickly modify them when regulations change or your business does
  • Streamline data entry by scanning barcodes, reading NFC tags, or capturing geolocation coordinates
  • Use rich media such as sound, images and videos to add depth to your application

Integrate with other key business solutions. SOTI Snap integrates with many different products and solutions.

  • Import from external sources into apps
  • Integrate with cloud applications, such as Google Sheets, without having to write a single line of code
  • Out-of-the box integration with the SOTI ONE platform enables management and remote support capabilities of SOTI Snap apps

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