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All of our SOTI How to Sell Series Presentations are located here for you to leverage in your SOTI training.


The SOTI ONE Platform – Connecting Everything

This webinar features the popular topics such as: 1. How should customers think about concerns like device downtime, regulations and data security? 2. How do organizations reduce cost and complexity of their mobility deployments, while delivering actionable insights to improve business processes? 3. How do IT administrators manage multi-vendor, multi form-factor and multi-operating systems in all mobility and IoT environment


The SOTI ONE Platform brings more value to partners with SOTI Connect, SOTI Insight and SOTI Identity

Help Customers Transform their Business with SOTI Connect and SOTI Insight. This webinar features how SOTI Connect and SOTI Insight will bring your customers’ business to the next level. This webinar covers – An introduction to SOTI Insight and SOTI Connect focused on product messaging. – SOTI Insight and SOTI Connect commercial pricing framework. – Updates on our Support offerings (Premium or Enterprise).


What’s New in SOTI MobiControl 14.4

This webinar features Suneil Sastri, SOTI Director of Product Management, as he shares the latest updates to SOTI MobiControl including Shared Device Support for iOS & Android, SOTI MobiControl Plugin Delivery Service, Android Management Enhancements and more.


Building Sales with SOTI Snap

SOTI Snap continues to gain momentum and features designed to simplify business mobility for your customers. Join SOTI VP of Product Strategy, Shash Anand, on June 6 to discover how SOTI Snap creates cross-platform apps easily, simplifies workflows and can eliminate paper-based forms.


SOTI ONE Platform Info Session

This webinar reviews recent changes to the SOTI ONE Platform products and pricing and how these bundles create the most effective solutions to meet your customers’ mobility challenges.


What’s New with SOTI MobiControl 14.3

Discover what is new latest SOTI MobiControl version and how it will impact your customers including:  Management Enhancements for Android, Management Enhancements for macOS and iOS, Management Enhancement for Linux, SOTI Hub App Improvements, Redesigned UI for Profile and Packages


Selling SOTI Professional Services and Enterprise support

From complex installations and migrations to best-in-class Enterprise Support, SOTI Professional Services and Enterprise Support offerings give your customers the most out of their enterprise mobility management deployment.


Secret to Selling SOTI MobiControl

Discover what you need to know to effectively sell SOTI MobiControl including key differentiators, how to identify opportunities and how to highlight value propositions.


5 Security Questions to Close the Deal

The top five questions you can ask your customer to highlight how SOTI MobiControl can add value to your customers’ mobility plans and help you close the sale.


What’s New in MobiControl 14

Watch this webinar to discover what is new in the latest SOTI MobiControl offering including Linux device support, improved search, streamlined Android Enterprise enrollments, iOS software update management, and more.


Driving Growth in 2018: How to Fit Apple into your SOTI Strategy

This presentation covers the information you need to increase your SOTI deal size with Apple, including success stories from SOTI sales, new features in SOTI MobiControl 14, and need-to-know technical details to close your deals


Selling SOTI MobiControl & Mobile Security

This partner-webinar focuses on key issues around mobile security including threats, customer needs, SOTI MobiControl solutions and marketing resources.


iOS @ SOTI: Essential Sales Tip

This webinar covers the latest information about iOS and device management, along with use cases, pain points and solutions to help build iOS support into your SOTI sale.


Winning with the Windows CE Migration

This webinar will arm you with the knowledge to help your customers plan out a seamless migration from Windows CE, as well as, put you in the driver’s seat as a trusted advisor for their migration. You will learn about: options available for migration, steps for a successful migration, how SOTI MobiControl provides the easiest migration path


Intro to SOTI ONE and SOTI Assist

This webinar covers how SOTI ONE simplifies business mobility by making it smarter, faster and more reliable. See a SOTI Assist demonstration and learn how this important, new approach to business-critical mobility will help your customers meet their mobility challenges.


Containerization: Facts and Fiction

This webinar covers customer containerization needs. Suneil Sastri, SOTI Director of Product Marketing, reveals how to communicate the competitive and comprehensive suite of solutions provided by SOTI MobiControl


Navigating the Altitude Partner Program

Explore the programs and assets available to Altitude partners, and discover ways to leverage these tools to create opportunities and build your business.


SOTI MobiControl Cloud

This webinar demonstraties the process of setting up cloud trials, as well as, highlighting customer pain points and solutions, and tips for spotting Cloud opportunities.