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Putting Wearables to Work

Wearables are revolutionizing the way workers do their jobs, delivering hands-free computing platforms to improve productivity and reduce errors.


More than Just Remote Support

Eliminating downtime, and making life easier for IT, is one of the core benefits of the SOTI ONE platform.


PC Mag Editors’ Choice 2017

For the second year in a row, PC Magazine has named SOTI MobiControl as Editors’ Choice in their annual review of MDM solutions. Find out why SOTI MobiControl is “the best MDM tool on the market.”


Mobilizing & Managing your Field Service Applications

A review of key issues, opportunities and mobility requirements in field services.


Mobilizing Manufacturing and Supply Chain with Modernized EMM

Embracing mobility in manufacturing and supply chain operations has the potential to enhance essentially all processes across the board.


How EMM is Transforming and Empowering Transportation and Logistics

Enterprise mobility management is at the core of successful T&L capabilities, offering business-critical advantages to leading T&L operations everywhere.


Managing the Mobility Tsunami

Are you managing the mobility tsunami or struggling in the next technology tidal wave?


Don’t Come Last in a Mobile-First Future

Mobile-first does not come without challenges including dealing with scale, remote support & interoperability for all the new devices and endpoints are just a few of them.


Frost & Sullivan Award

Discover why SOTI was recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 EMM, Customer Value Leadership Award.


Cloud-Based Enterprise Mobility Management

Facing a business environment of constant change and increasing complexity, enterprises and institutions now more than ever need to build agility and flexibility into their IT infrastructure in order to adapt to changing shifts in the marketplace.


The Connected Associate

Retailers are exploiting the Internet of Things (IoT) and deploying exciting new technology in-store; while empowering their “Connected Associates” with training and technology to improve employee engagement and reduce turnover, as well as increase sales and customer satisfaction.


Healthcare Mobility: Taking Healthcare Back to the Community

Healthcare systems around the world are under pressure to improve services while reducing costs. Mobile technology and IoT show the potential to fast-track healthcare in the community.


Field Services: Keeping the IoT “in-service”

Exciting new technology such as smart machines, augmented reality and connected vehicles are revolutionizing the industry. But they and the IoT in general, are creating many new challenges.


Mobile Security Whitepaper

For companies considering a holistic approach to mobile security that includes enterprise mobility management (EMM), this whitepaper discusses best practices for securing mobility without diminishing the potential for mobile utility.


EMM: Addressing the Hidden Costs of Mobile Endpoints

This whitepaper addresses the costs associated with an increase in the mobile workforce. Choosing the right EMM solution can substantially increase productivity and reduce costs while accelerating responsiveness and speed to market.