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MultiTel now supports Android Zero-Touch Enrollment


MultiTel’s customers can take advantage of Google’s fast, simple, and secure device deployment method.


MultiTel is proud to announce that we have been appointed as an Android zero-touch enrollment partner for Google.

This seamless and secure deployment method enables companies to pre-configure settings, management, and applications for their teams so devices are up and running right out of the box.

Devices purchased from our catalogue can be added to an organization’s zero-touch enrollment account, making them ready for configuration for their enterprise deployment. Employees can just follow a few simple prompts and start using their device.

By adopting zero-touch enrollment, MultiTel is supporting a superior end-user experience for organizations, as this automated deployment method reduces the dependency on IT support and simplifies the delivery and activation process.

What is zero-touch enrollment?:

Zero-touch enrollment is a streamlined process for Android devices to be provisioned for enterprise management. On first boot, devices check to see if they’ve been assigned an enterprise configuration. If so, the device initiates the fully managed device provisioning method and downloads the correct device policy controller app, which then completes setup of the managed device.

Android zero-touch enrollment offers a seamless deployment method for corporate-owned Android devices making large scale roll-outs fast, easy and secure for organizations, IT and employees. Zero-touch makes it simple to configure devices online and have them shipped with enforced management so employees can open the box and get started.


To use zero-touch enrollment, you’ll need the following:

  • a compatible device running Android Oreo (8.0) or Pixel phone with Android Nougat (7.0), purchased from a reseller partner
  • an enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider supporting fully managed devices

Do you need our help with the precurement of devices as well as set-up and preperation of devices before deployment? Click to get a quote.